Intersec 2022 Prysm

Intersec 2022: the come-back of Prysm on the international scene!

From January 16 to 18, our team welcomes you to our stand SA-A42 at Intersec in the World Trade Center Dubai. Intersec brings together regional and international leaders, products and innovative solutions in all key sectors of the security industry.

We look forward to seeing you in the “Commercial Security” area (in orange).

Plan intersec 2022

You will have the opportunity to attend a demo of our PSIM software in the Trade Centre Arena. Below is a map to help you find us quickly (in blue).

Carte Intersec 2022

AppVision™: beyond PSIM

How does AppVision™ differ from its peers? Neutral, open and convergent, AppVision™ is a true 100% customizable platform.

Our integration capabilities and the neutrality of AppVision™

AppVision™ has many features and a very large integration library.Any system or application with a communication protocol can be connected to AppVision™ to interact with other systems. How can we interconnect so many disparate systems? Because our PSIM platform is neutral. We are independent of the products we integrate. So our partners and end clients are free to choose their equipment and applications that are best suited for their installation.

Autonomy and flexibility given to partners

Thanks to the transfer of skills by our trainers, our partners can deploy, evolve and customize the platform independently. They can create their own OEM version to best meet the expectations of their markets and customers. Thanks to the configuration tools provided (SDK, scripting engines, configurator), our integrators and distributors can customize AppVision™ 100%: features, extensions, integrations. The ability to customize ensures that customer requirements are met and creates maximum value.

Our business model and AppVision™ Community

We only sell licenses and never do projects. We develop AppVision and support it. We never compete with our integrators and distributors. All our partners: manufacturers, integrators, distributors form a technical community gathered on a platform: AppVision™ Community. The community allows you to get the latest information: major AppVision™ updates, drivers, sales documentation, webinar replay… and most importantly, it gives you access to a whole network of AppVision™ deployment and customization experts.

Register now for your visitor’s badge! And join us at booth SA-A42 in the Trade Center Arena.

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