Banking Institutions

The banking business has extremely changed in recent years. This transformation has contributed to increased security requirements.

First and foremost, protection against theft remains a priority. Then of course there is the security of employees, customers and third parties such as cash-in-transit companies. Agencies are also investing heavily in maximising the customer experience, both in the physical premises and in the personal space on the internet.

Finally, the emergence of isolated sites, such as ATMs, has been accompanied by an increase in vandalism, which banks are also seeking to protect themselves against with specific measures.

Another important challenge is the diversity and scattering of the sites to be protected (administrative buildings, branches and distributors, etc.). Finally, with the development of online banking, cyber security has become critical.

Thanks to its various architectures such as federation and load balancing, its advanced functionalities (GIS mapping, incident management, etc.) and the existing integrations, AppVision™ is a tool that effectively answers to the current and future challenges of this market.

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Classic security

Since long time, banks have been equipped with standard security systems: video surveillance, access control, intrusion.

For several years, they have been reinforcing this equipment with new technologies: video analytics, IT network monitoring. Thanks to the drivers already present in our library, AppVision™ allows to supervise in a single interface all the systems installed.

AppVision’s integration capabilities give end customers the ability to upgrade their installations. They benefit from the latest innovations on the market without having to worry about interfacing these products with their PSIM platform.

Finally, AppVision™ is able to monitor both new and older systems. The security manager can better control his investment budgets.

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The diversity of sites

Banking institutions are made up of geographically dispersed sites of varying sizes. Local supervision is often important. However, the availability of regional or even national control centres is nowadays an obligation for many banking institutions.

AppVision™ has the features to enable an end customer in this sector to provide effective monitoring both locally and globally:

  • GIS map management,
  • User message and incident management,
  • Dynamic overloading of plans

And architectures adapted to each situation:

  • Back-up (redundancy),
  • Load balancing,
  • Federation,

Time zone management and multilingual capabilities also allow international banking groups to set up multi-country supervision.

Main technologies

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Network Security

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Fire Safety

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