Data Centers

The number of connected systems is increasing day by day. This generates more and more data to be stored and secured.

Data Centers store and preserve billions of valuable digital data of companies, communities and individuals.  These are vital infrastructures that must be 100% secure. As large consumers of electricity, these buildings must also take into account energy optimisation.

Its ability to converge security, building management systems and networks supervision in a single interface makes AppVision™ a reference tool for guaranteeing the security and performance of a Data Center.

Hypervision datacenter


Sûreté incendie Datacenter

Physical security

Mastering access control, preventing intrusion and reducing the risk of fire make a Data Center a site where the level of physical security required is maximum.

These sites, often already equipped with the latest technology, are constantly integrating new features to prevent the risk of malicious acts.

AppVision™ guarantees not only the supervision of standard security technologies (video surveillance, access control, intrusion) but also those which will be implemented in the future. The security manager will be able to upgrade his installation without impacting the overall architecture.

sécurité réseau Data center

IT security

In Data Centers, the cybersecurity risks keep growing. They oblige the IT administrators of the installation to have control and the possibility of intervening on all the IT systems.

With AppVision™ network management is performed immediately and centrally to anticipate cyber risks. Through the use of SNPM protocol, our solution detects intrusion attempts and can disconnect or isolate threatened networks or equipments.

Gestion énergie Datacenter

Energy optimization

Data Centers are large consumers of energy. Indeed, they require a continuous supply of power for their equipments such as the air conditioning systems which are vital to these infrastructures.

Increasingly, Data Centers are equipped with systems that recover the heat produced by certain equipment. This heat can in turn be used to heat the building partially or totally of it.

This requires fine control of all the equipment in order to detect any risk of failure of a critical system. This smart management ensures the energy regulation of the building.

Thanks to the large number of standard protocols natively supported, AppVision™ enables comprehensive and centralised management of datacenter energy efficiency.

In the near future, the manager of a datacenter will be able to assess and manage tin real time the carbon footprint of its building.

Main technologies

Video surveillance

VMS caméra

Anti-Intrusion System

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Fire Safety

Protection incendie

Access control

Contrôle accès ville

Network Security

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gestion température ventilation

Energy recycling

Gestion énergétique

Lighting management

Gestion éclairage

Info display


Parking reservation

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Room booking

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