Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes are all facing increasing complex constraints. These institutions must guarantee the safety of their nursing staff, patients and visitors. The objective is also to ensure this safety without creating a stressful climate that could cause additional trouble.

Certain areas within these buildings are under high surveillance, such as pharmaceutical storage areas.

Increasingly, the evolution towards connected medicine is accelerating. Cybersecurity is becoming a major issue as it is closely linked to the sensitive personal data of all patients.

AppVision™, thanks to its integration capabilities of already installed systems, and innovative technologies, is a reference platform in this market.

Hypervision hôpital EHPAD


Sécurité des soignants

Safety of people and goods

Guaranteeing the safety of goods and people without creating a stress-inducing climate is one of the major challenges of physical security in a healthcare facilities. Especially since the range of systems installed can include very specific products: fall detection, wandering patients, baby tags, etc.

AppVision™ facilitates the management of security systems and medical IoTs for rapid response to any incident.

The ability to supervise current and future systems, particularly in terms of access control with AppControl™, is also a guarantee of sustainability and investment control.

Gestion bâtiment hopital

Building management

Technical management ensures the nominal operation of certain areas such as operating theatres, recovery rooms and patient rooms.

AppVision™ allows all building management systems to be controlled from a single interface. Any event on these systems is escalated to all relevant actors.

Réseau hôpitaux

Network security

Healthcare institutions are becoming targets of cybercriminals. IT departments keep on implementing protection systems to prevent these malicious acts.

Thanks to AppVision™ the monitoring of networks and IT equipments is simplified and above all federated with physical security.

Using SNMP or integrating a network monitoring application, intrusion attempts can be detected, and infected devices can be disconnected or isolated directly from the AppVision™ interface.

Main Technologies

Nurse Calls

Appel infirmière


Capteur infrarouge

Access control

Contrôle accès ville


VMS caméra



Fire Safety

Protection incendie

Network Security

sécurité réseau


gestion température ventilation

Power generator

Générateur onduleur

Energy management


Fall detection

Détection chute

Anti-wandering system

Errance patient