Our partners in France

Here you can find the list of our integrator partners in the French market.
Assystem supports public authorities, operators and equipment manufacturers in developing, executing and delivering critical and complex infrastructures, mainly in the low-carbon energy, industry, transport and defense sectors. We work on control systems, building management systems and physical protection systems for complex infrastructures in highly regulated, international, multi-sector environments. Our Industrial Information Systems activities benefit from a dual positioning: Engineering and Integration. What Assystem brings to its projects with AppVision : Development of a GJD sensor communication driver (API REST) Integration of a proprietary authentication protocol based on WebSSO Creation of a customized alarm form Creation of a variable generation tool from an Excel file
Sécurité • BMS• SCADA • Consulting
Critical sites • Smart Building • Museums, monuments • Military• Prisons • Transport & Logistics • Institutional
AT2S was founded in 2005 and is specialized in safety systems installation and in safety solutions integration. Activities: low current, IT networks, installation deployment, CCTV, theft alarm, access control.
B&C Sécurité
Alarms, access control, CCTV and automation systems installer.
Security • Consulting
Critical infrastructures • Healthcare • Defence/Military • Prisons
Chubb Delta
Chubb Delta is part of Chubb Fire & Security France, an entity of the APi group. We are a major player in electronic security in France, specializing in the protection of property and people. Our objective is to make you benefit from our local expertise built up over 40 years and from the know-how of a large international group. We have one of the largest networks of local agencies with nearly 900 employees* and 80,000 professional and private customers*. We support our customers throughout the duration of their contract with us: from the installation of the solutions required for their building to the daily maintenance and monitoring of their sites. We master the entire security chain, in order to offer you the highest quality of service. Choosing Chubb Delta (a commercial brand of Delta Security Solutions) as your electronic security solutions provider means ensuring comfort, peace of mind and proximity in the management of your daily security.
Critical infrastructures  • Healthcare • Military • Logistics & Transport • Museums & Galleries
Strong value added distributor in the safety, fire and audivisual field. We represent exclusively for France the TIANDY brand for CCTV and the DSPPA brand for public address system. Sale, commissioning, training and maintenance.
Security • BMS • Driver development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Military • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
DEF Sûreté, a company in the DEF Network, specialises in the integration and maintenance of security systems for high-security customers throughout France. DEF Sûreté holds NF SERVICES APSAD R82 (video surveillance) and R83 (access control) certifications.
Critical infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transports • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
Today, EQUANS France connects, protects and supplies energy flows to territories, cities, buildings, industries and transport infrastructures. Through tailor-made solutions that improve the performance of its customers’ equipment and applications, EQUANS France pursues a triple objective: enabling low-carbon production, digitizing processes and reinforcing the reindustrialization of regions. In this way, EQUANS France contributes to the planet’s economic and energy challenges by improving its customers’ performance. What EQUANS brings to its projects with AppVision : Mobility Observatory Connected and Sustainable Territory PSIM (Public Lighting, Mobility, Traffic Lights, Public Safety, Living Environment, Risk Management) BIM, CIM & TIM integrations Business planning Operational use Business performance indicators User Message by professions
Security • BMS • Driver development • SCADA • Sustainable Connected Territories
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructures • Heatlhcare • Defence/Military • Logistics & Transport • Oil & Gas • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
Integrator specialized in low current in the industrial sector, communities, administrations and houses.
Security • BMS • Driver development
Safe & Smart City •Critical infrastructures • Healthcare •Military • Logistics & Transport • Oil industry • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
France •  Spain • Portugal
NTI Solutions
NTI Solutions, a complete offer, from architecture consulting to operational maintenance of your infrastructures. We are based in Beauvais (Oise), but with our several agencies and support centers, we operate nationwide. Because the success of your projects is our primary concern, we have equipped ourselves with experts, implementation and support teams. Our teams are structured in skill centers, each one experienced and certified on the key solutions of their markets:
  • Network/ Secu /TOI
  • Infrastructure
  • Videoprotection /Access control /Anti-intrusion
More than a service provider, a true partner, NTI Solutions accompanies you in the achievement of your projects to establish a win-win relationship.
Security • BMS
Safe & Smart City • Healthcare • Military • Logistics & Transport • Museums & Galleries
Groupe PERIN Sécurité
The PERIN Sécurité Group is an INTEGRATOR through its triple status of Installer, Maintainer and Remote Monitoring. We provide our customers with unprecedented professional technological offerings and solutions designed and implemented by multi-disciplinary teams with a 24/24 culture and a recognized and proven professionalism through its multiple APSAD certifications issued by the CNPP, including APSAD P5 certification guaranteeing our customers continuity of service between our remote monitoring stations. Thanks to AppVision, we have connected for our customers: thermal detection via MILESTONE with Axis products- intrusion detection via Vanderbilt SPC products- access control via Vanderbilt products of the Sipass range. We worked closely with Vanderbilt’s Driver development department to link SIPASS products with PRYSM. Thanks to our collaboration, communication between the two products is now possible. This installation enables security guards to remotely open access control doors with visualization via site cameras, and to pre-position PTZ cameras following thermal detection and intruder alarms.
Sécurité • BMS
Safe & Smart City • Critical sites • Healthcare • Military •Logistics & Transportation • Museums & Galleries • Institutional • Data centers • Smart Building • Prisons • Retail
Design and implementation of security platforms on critical sites. Integration and development of applications and multi-protocol cloud platforms.
Security • BMS
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructures • Military • Logistics & Transport • Prisons
SECURA ONE is a company specialized in engineering, advanced electronic security systems and mechatronic protection. We protect critical infrastructures, government buildings, luxury shops, industrial plant and tertiary sites. We work on the European and Middle-East territory with both our offices in France and Ukraine.
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
France • Belgium • Luxembourg • Switzerland • Poland • Romania • Middle-East
SECURE designs and integrates security systems for the protection of sensitive sites and data.
Security • Driver development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transports • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
France • U.K • Spain • Italy • Portugal • Netherlands • Belgium • Germany • Switzerland • Luxembourg •  Middle-East • North Africa
Low current electrical installation work, alarms sytems, fire alarm sytems, CCTV, access control.
Safe & Smart City • Healthcare • Logistics & Transport • Museums & Galleries
Company specialized in weak current security:
  • Intruder alarm
  • Access control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intercom
  • Automatism
  • Supervision and PSIM
We realize the global security of your site, we propose global turnkey solutions.
Security • Consulting
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructure • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Museums & Galleries
SNEF Connect
A French independent leader and a recognized player in the sectors of Energy, Industrial Processes, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Groupe SNEF designs, develops and integrates multi-technical solutions.
Groupe SNEF is a connected world player providing highly efficient and innovative solutions for data transmission, fire safety, security, energy efficiency (BTM/CTM) and industrial computing. We oversee the entire project execution chain, from the initial design to the implementation of solutions ! SNEF Connect is at the heart of connected objects. Committed to upholding human values and enjoying a great capacity for adaptation, SNEF is resolutely looking forward to the future.
Security • BMS • Consulting • Driver development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transports • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
France • Portugal • Romania
SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire – Division Tertiaire Direction d’activités Tertiaire et Logement Ouest Service Protection Sytèmes et Réseaux (PSR)
AN INTEGRATOR APPROACH: SPIE Service Protection Systèmes et Réseaux (PSR) offers integration, development and hypervision solutions tailored to its customers’ sites: Centralized “PSIM” solution for system interoperability  •  Adapted and open material choices   • Support in the creation or redesign of “Central Security Station” (CSS). A COMPREHENSIVE RESPONSE: Risk analysis •  Engineering • Realization & commissioning• Maintenance. PHYSICAL AND ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS FOR SITE SECURITY : Video surveillance (image analysis…) • Access control • Intercom • Biometrics.
Security • BMS
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport  • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
Created in 1996, 19 people.
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructures
Development Partner
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