Transport and Logistics

In the field of transport and logistics, security issues are extremely diverse. The reason? There are many different types of sites to protect: very large buildings with large crowds, closed outdoor areas, isolated facilities. These particular conditions make them perfect targets for malicious actions.

Stations and airports also have a growing commercial dimension where travellers need to be protected and informed. All of these challenges require a diversity of protection systems that are constantly evolving.

This multiplicity and diversity is a challenge that AppVision™ helps to meet thanks to the existing integrations and the possibility of completing them. This PSIM platform allows for the best possible customisation of the human-machine interface to simplify operator control and improve the user experience.

Hyperviseur logistique


Hypervision hub port

Port areas

Port facilities are complex. They are made up of closed buildings such as warehouses and open spaces such as quays. These are very large areas that require a high level of responsiveness in the event of an incident or accident to avoid a chain of disasters.

AppVision™ maximises this responsiveness. This PSIM platform allows for the integration of traditional technologies and innovative products such as drones or fire detection systems in open environments. In addition, its graphical capabilities allow for the creation of optimised HMIs that make it easy for the operator to navigate. AppVision helps him to react proactively to prevent incidents from becoming major crises.

Hypervision aéroport

Airports and railway stations

The major difficulty in stations and airports is to ensure the safety of the crowd of passengers without creating a feeling of stress.

AppVision™ enables the integration of conventional security systems and also ensures that the operator can integrate innovative technologies as they become available on the market.

Entrepôt hypervision


In the field of logistics and warehouses, AppVision™ enables the control of installed systems from a single interface: intrusion, video surveillance, fire.

Thanks to its access control management module, AppVision™ can also efficiently manage access priorities: truck registration via a web interface, parking management to avoid saturation.

Main technologies

Video Systems

VMS caméra

Video Analytics


Public Address

Alerte mégaphone

Access control

Contrôle accès ville



Fire Safety

Protection incendie

Traffic, Signage

gestion trafic routier

Vehicle Scan, ANPR

scan sous véhicule

IoT sensors


Risk management