In the education sector, the security challenges are multiple. Firstly, the size of the sites is very diverse. Secondly, it is necessary to secure the occupants, students and teachers without creating a stressful climate. Secondly, the systems installed are often very diverse. It is common to find several products of different brands installed for video or access control systems. This is linked to the continuous evolution of the park. Finally, budgetary constraints are strong, forcing sites to live with this diversity of brands.

Thanks to its scalability and intelligent pricing, AppVision™ enables security managers in schools and universities to improve the management of their facilities.  All systems are controlled from a single interface. With its library of existing drivers and integration capabilities, AppVision™ allows them to monitor older systems that are still in use. This allows them to control their budgets and spread their investments over several years.

Hyperviseur université collèges


sécurité élèves écoles

Safety of people

Campuses are certainly those with the greatest heterogeneity of installed systems. This is linked to the continuous evolution of the installations. These developments are often governed by the tendering processes to which these institutional sites are subject. Several video, intrusion, access control and fire systems of various brands are thus forced to coexist.

AppVision™, thanks to its integration capabilities, is the PSIM solution that best manages this heterogeneity. Our supervision platform federates all systems in a single interface.

It also allows the security managers of these sites to upgrade them regularly by replacing obsolete systems as they fall down.

Contrôle d'accès établissement scolaire

Access control

In the context of the heterogeneity of school sites, access control is the most penalizing technology. Indeed, operators have to manage the rights of thousands of students. These students must be able to access many buildings, sometimes spread over geographically dispersed sites, often secured by different proprietary access control systems.

AppVision™, with its AppControl™ access control module, simplifies the work of operators by federating all access control systems. This makes it possible to manage all users and rights from a single interface.

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