Unified access control

AppControl™ is a multi-brand, multi-user, multi-site access control management software solution. AppControl™ enables access control systems from different brands to be federated and controlled from a single interface. Our software increases infrastructure security levels. With its high integration capability, AppControl™ secures access to critical areas with the access control devices best adapted to your facility.

AppControl™ features

Rights management

Rights administration

Create user profiles and organize cardholders by category: permanent, temporary, contractors, trainees… and grant access and admin rights to each person in accordance with their authorizations. Assign access rights for different time slots.
Real time events

real-time events

Visualize all your systems’ events: clocking in and out, access denied, number of people per area, doors open, individuals’ traceability…
Manage equipment

Equipment control

Activate, deactivate and reboot your systems remotely from your graphical interface in a few clicks. Track lost or stolen badges.
Visitor Management

Visitor management

Register your visitors on your AppControl™ interface or let them self-register on a kiosk. Generate a physical badge or QR code with a custom temporary validity.
Custom badge AppControl

Badge customization

AppControl™ offers a real design section for your badges: create, customize and print them with or without a profile picture. Our software also manages Anti-passback to prevent the badge sharing between users.
History and statistics

History and statistics

The history of all access control events is kept and can be viewed at any time. Consult, filter the history of movements and print or export the list.

Interfaced technologies

AppControl™ supports any authentication system.  Find the complete list of of integrated access control products.


RFID cards

RFID card



Biometric Finger print

Fingerprint reader

QR Codes

QR code

Smart lock

Smart lock

Facial recognition

Facial recognition

Automatic barriers

Automatic barrier

Access turnstile

Turnstile and gate

Retractable bollard

Retractable bollard



Access control elevator


Download the specifications from AppControl™ (6 pages, Light version)