The F.A.Q

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about PSIM software in general and about AppVision™.

The first benefit of installing a PSIM solution on a site is to federate several types of security systems and control them from a single interface.

Nowadays, it is common to see small installations with several technologies in very small quantities: a dozen cameras, a dozen intrusion zones, 3-4 access control readers, 2-3 intercoms.

With its Initial licenses, AppVision™ pricing scales to small amounts of equipment.

AppVision™ empowers small and medium-sized facilities to easily generate ROI quickly. Our platform brings working comfort to the operator who is often alone on this type of site. The installation is thus better protected and the material investment enhanced.

The deployment of a PSIM solution to supervise a security installation necessarily has a cost. Nevertheless, it is more interesting to think in terms of return on investment. Indeed, the deployment of a PSIM will allow to simplify and increase the cost-effectiveness of monitoring operations :

  1. First, a PSIM reduces the number of operators needed and improves their versatility. Thus, there is less need for specific training and some tasks can be automated.
  2. Second, AppVision™ allows you to keep your existing systems and products in place while some solutions require you to remove existing hardware to replace it.
  3. AppVision™ guarantees the End-Client freedom of choice in hardware. This prevents him from being tied to a single brand. He can choose the products that best suit his installation, whether they are of different brands or technologies.
  4. Finally, AppVision™ minimizes the cost of investment with its pricing to fit any size installation. Its tools make configuration and deployment as easy and accessible as possible.

In recent years, VMS manufacturers have greatly improved the ability to interface their products with other technologies such as intrusion and access control. Some VMS can display information from these systems in the client and even link cameras to events. However, the interactions they offer are often limited to these two functions. VMS do not have the capacity to set up links between systems other than video: fire detection, intercom, etc.

AppVision™ allows all systems and applications that are connected and monitored to interact.

Another important point is that a VMS cannot federate video systems from different brands that are by nature competitors. Indeed, each manufacturer uses different video streams and has its own SDK/API that it obviously does not share with its competitors.

AppVision™, thanks to its neutrality integrates a very large part of the video systems on the market and can therefore federate them into a single interface.

Prysm is a software publisher whose business model is based solely on the sale of licenses and training.

We do not do projects. We never work directly with the End-Client.

We have many partners trained and self-sufficient on AppVision™ deployment, configuration and maintenance who can support you in your project. Our partners who are trained and autonomous on the deployment, configuration and maintenance of AppVision™ will be able to work with you. They have our support to make your project a success.

Contact us to receive a complete list of our integrator / distributor partners in your area.

The list of products integrated into AppVision™ is available on Prysm’s website in the  Drivers tab. On the other hand, any system or application communicating via a standard protocol is natively integrated in AppVision™.

Send us the precise reference of the product you want to integrate (brand, type reference, version) and we will contact the manufacturer or software editor to know the possibilities of communication and if necessary obtain the SDK/API. We will check the integration feasibility.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, we will perform it so that you can deploy AppVision™ on your project.

If your products are not yet integrated with AppVision™ and you are interested in becoming a technology partner, you have several options :

  • Send us your SDK/API so that Prysm can do the integration.
  • Contact one of our development partners to perform the integration.
  • Develop the driver with your teams.

AppVision™ is developed in the Microsoft .Net Framework and cannot be installed on Linux or iOS. However, AppVision™ has an HTML5-based client that can be used on any browser that supports this technology.

If you are already a Prysm partner trained on AppVision™, all you have to do is develop your own version of AppVision™ by integrating your developments which we can protect with specific code (OEM code). You can also develop your own set-up.

If you are not already a Prysm partner, you must first complete at least the AppVision™ configuration training.

This OEM version is your product that you can market as you wish.

To get a quote, if you are an End-Client, you can contact directly a partner among those listed on our website. You can also contact us so that we can put you in contact with a partner.

If you are an integrator not trained on AppVision™, contact us and we will be delighted to assist you in building your commercial offer.