Our integrator partners worldwide

Here is the list of partners that integrate AppVision™ into their projects around the world.

Fort Knox Segurança

Fort Knox integrates artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing to make your business safer with more technologies. We are a company specialising in the security of goods, personnel and outsourced services. We rely on asset monitoring, personal security and electronic security services. It includes CCTV, access control, remote image monitoring and alarms, among others. Our activities are concentrated in industrial construction, commercial and residential condominiums, shopping centres, retail chains and financial institutions.
Security • BMS • Consulting • Drivers development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prisons • Museum & Galleries
LATAM, Brazil


Home Automation (FE) Pte Ltd was established in 1994 as a marketing, distribution and engineering company specializing in security, automation, communication, software and monitoring systems. Over the years, we have built a very strong infrastructure in our organization in the commercial, industrial and government market segments. We design, supply, supervise and maintain the entire range of equipment and provide support to all our customers. Our extensive experience allows us to design systems tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
Security • Consulting • Driver developments
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prisons • Museum & Galleries
Singapore, Southeast Asia

Integrated Entity

Integrated Entity is a Leading Security Solutions Integrator. We have a vision to equip clients with the state of solution system for a smoother operation and help vanquish competition. Presently, we are working alongside with high profile clients from the private and public sector industries, bringing together leading brands in creating customized solutions to meet the demands of individual businesses. we designs, plans and implements system integrations with cutting edge technology that is steps ahead of its rivals to help clients monitor, control and record their business operations at all times.
Security • BMS • SCADA • Consultant
Safe & Smart City • Critical infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prisons • Museums and Galleries
Middle East

Intelligent Services

Intelligent Services is an experienced company specialized in delivering their customer with all kinds of IT solutions and services which leads any organization to lead its market, cut its cost and increase its profit. Intelligent Services brides the gap between developers, architects and building planners with the best-of-breed intelligent and green building technologies and practices thus reducing building costs, quick return on investments, adding comfort, value and ease to building occupants, all leading to sustainable communities.
Security • BMS • SCADA
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas

Security United Network (SUN Ltd.)

SUN Ltd is a PSIM installer specialized in unified security solutions. We design and configure graphic user interface tailored to your needs. Our team will follow your projects step by step during the deployment on site to set up the systems all together in a way to provide you a complete flexibility and a global point of view. We also provide a complete preventive and curative maintenance service to ensure your system performance post-sales.
Security • BMS • SCADA • Consulting
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Healthcare • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prisons • Museum & Galleries

Smart Transformation Innovation

STI is a company under Algerian law which is active both as an integrator of IT solutions and as a supplier of technologies based mainly on partnerships with leading manufacturers/publishers in the global IT market. STI is a company on which organisations rely in their digital transformation strategies, through support at all times and throughout the associated process and above all by offering alternative offers that are more interesting financially and technologically, giving access to innovation at a controlled cost, while ensuring all the guarantees of quality inherent in this type of project.
Security • BMS • SCADA
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transports • Prisons • Museums & Galleries
North Africa

Startologic Technologies

Startologic Technologic, India, was incepted in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India with the philosophy of Simplifying Complexity by bringing powerful, advanced, relevant & time-tested softwares that enable managing the next levels of challenging security scenarios. Startologic is National Strategic Partner to Prysm Software and Herta, and represents Xanview and VCA Technology. Startologic carries the assurance that the end user can rely upon available expertise for support with regards to both the existing application or the upgrade to newer requirements in future. Startologic undertakes long term maintenance contracts for the products it represents.
Sécurity • Consulting • Driver Development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Military • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transport • Prison
India • Sri Lanka • Bangladesh

Cires Technologies

The Technology division, led by Cires Technologies, focuses on the cloud, security and connectivity businesses. Cires Technologies carries out projects with a strong technological dimension in video surveillance and port and airport security, urban video surveillance, management of networks and complex sites in terms of connectivity. Cires Technologies is a TMSA subsidiary specialized in information technologies and is organized around 3 activities: Security – Connectivity – Cloud and Managed Services. Cires Technologies is also a development partner.
Security • Driver development
Safe & Smart City • Critical Infrastructures • Oil & Gas • Logistics & Transports
North Africa


VEZIRI is a telecommunication and security system integrator company. Since our establishment in 1996, we do our best to deliver all of the existing global achievements in our field to organizations across the Transcaucasian region. We generally specialize in telecommunication, IT, security, SCADA and telemetry and are proud to say we have completed over 200 projects for more than a hundred customers. Continuous progress is engrained in our DNA and many years of upholding international standards have only strengthened our conviction that quality service and development go hand in hand. VEZIRI operates in compliance with international standards for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and has held an ISO 9001 quality management certification in telecommunication, telemetric, automation and security system design, installation, commission, after-sales service and private security provision since 2008.
Security • BMS • SCADA • Consulting
Safe & Smart City • Military • Critical infrastructures • Oil & Gas • Prisons
Eastern Europe
Development Partner
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