A security installation is in constant evolution

Technologies evolve to integrate new functionalities, new materials. New threats emerge and it becomes necessary to add new applications to strengthen the security level. Warranty extensions at Prysm Software ensure that you keep your security installation running optimally with the best of AppVision™.

Benefits of a license under warranty


Access the latest software and driver versions.


Access our online technical support with your personal login and password received after your training.


Possibility to upgrade your license (add options...)


performance hyperviseur AppVision

Each year, Prysm Software releases a new version of AppVision™. It includes new features and evolutions of the existing ones in terms of ergonomics and performance.

Your license is under warranty: you can take advantage of these new features. You have the possibility to improve and enhance the management of your installation. Therefore, you increase the added value of your system.


Sécurité Garantie

Our teams are constantly improving the performance of our PSIM software. We regularly incorporate security enhancements in monthly releases.
By updating your platform, you are contributing to the resilience of your installation to cyber risks and other vulnerabilities.


nouvelle integration

Security products and applications are constantly changing and sometimes very quickly. APIs and SDKs are also subject to change.

Prysm Software and its partners keep on developing new integrations compatible with the latest versionsof AppVision™. When your license is under warranty, you can access these new drivers and enhance your installation.


Support Technique Prysm

Our Technical Support stands by our partners to assist them in the deployment and maintenance phases of AppVision™. For example, our team can support you in upgrading a version or implementing a new driver.
For licenses under warranty, our support team will be available to answer your requests.

When you subscribe to the warranty extensions, you keep maximum efficiency on the implementation of AppVision™. In this way, you continue to generate Return on Investment.