Security is at the heart of prisons and correctional facilities. And the associated challenges are significant.

Firstly, it is necessary to guarantee the inviolability of the premises against both escape and intrusion attempts.

The second challenge is to ensure the safety of prison staff, prisoners and also visitors.

Finally, it is important to facilitate the work of the operators as much as possible so that they can be as responsive as possible in the event of an incident.

With its advanced customisation capability, AppVision™ meets these security, responsiveness and operation challenges.

Hypervision pour prisons


Sécurité prison

Physical security

AppVision™ provides advanced, centralised management of the main security systems in prisons and jails. Our platform has advanced features such as:

  • Video management,
  • Complete management of intercom and intrusion systems
  • Global access control management via its AppControl™ module.

Its integration capacity also guarantees the possibility of enhancing the existing installation with new technologies:

  • Specific cameras (infrared, thermal)
  • Video analytics,
  • Anti-drone systems

The centralisation and interoperability of the systems already supervised are maintained in case of installation expansion.

This makes AppVision™ an essential element in securing prisons and similar infrastructures and their occupants. The diversity of existing integrations makes AppVision™ a reference tool in the prison market in many countries.

Hyperviseur établissement carcéral

Facilitating operations

The implementation of AppVision™ also simplifies the work of the operators and their maximum reactivity in the event of an incident.

Indeed, it is possible to 100% customise the graphical interface. This makes it possible to create specific HMIs that are fully adapted to the requirements of staff, including simple navigation menus.

AppVision™ offers advanced alarm management:

  • Following instructions
  • Implementation of workflows
  • Implementation of simple or complex scenarios

These are key elements to ensure maximum reactivity in the event of an incident. These features guarantee uniformity in the management of incidents between the various operators.

AppVision™ provides the possibility to manage crisis modes. It allows to adapt and modify automatically :

  • Operator rights
  • Client environments
  • Procedures to be followed

This feature also improves responsiveness and consistency in handling incidents.

Main technologies

Video surveillance

VMS caméra

Video Analytics


Public Address

Alerte mégaphone

Access Control

Contrôle accès ville



Network Security

sécurité réseau




Capteur infrarouge