Military Sites

Military sites are obviously sensitive sites that are subject to increased surveillance. The diversity of sites in terms of size and function, as well as their scattering over a territory, are also aspects to be taken into account.

The vast majority of military sites are equipped with traditional security technologies:

  • Video surveillance,
  • Access control,
  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Perimeter detection
  • Car plate reading systems.

Increasingly, these sites are incorporating more innovative technologies such as special radars, long-range cameras, drones and anti-drone systems. In the near future, they will want to incorporate other more confidential technologies in their supervision platform.

These innovative technologies provide access to additional information that can be used alone or with information from traditional technologies.

Thanks to its integration and customisation capabilities and, above all, the autonomy given to partners to carry out specific developments, AppVision™ is the reference platform to secure military sites.


Integration of innovations

Thanks to the existing integrations but also the possibility and autonomy given to the partners to develop new ones, AppVision™ allows its partners to meet 100% of the supervision needs of the different armed forces.

AppVision’s graphical capabilities, particularly its 3D graphical interface, allow the data received from these different systems to be used to best advantage. For example, AppVision™ can manage interference between a long-range camera and the topography.

Specific features

In addition to the specific equipment and innovative technologies used to enhance site security, military customers frequently require new features to make the most of the data from these systèmes and their interaction with traditional technologies.

Thanks to the available script engine and the power and availability of the AppVision™ SDK, Prysm’s partners can develop these features to meet different needs. Some partners, specialised in the defence sector, have developed their own OEM version of AppVision™ that integrates specific hardware and functionalities. They can market this OEM version as their own product.

On the other hand, some hardware manufacturers have developed the interface of their product with AppVision™ and this interface is made available to their customers with their product.

Main technologies

Video Systems

Video Analytics

Public Address

Access control


Network Security

Thermal camera

thermal camera