Smart Buildings

The Smart Building must meet many requirements. First of all, they are environmental and energy-related. From now on, they are increasingly linked to the expectations of comfort, security and flexibility of use on the part of the occupants. Thus, buildings are increasingly equipped with heterogeneous systems and applications that often operate completely independently. The digitization of building data also allows for scalable management of the infrastructure through tools such as BIM.

By centralising the management of all these technologies, a simple building can be transformed into a Smart Building. The federation of these systems and applications gives them the ability to interact to create value.

An intelligent building therefore requires global and centralised control to facilitate its management. This optimisation provides quality services and better security for its occupants. A Smart Building ensures operational flexibility for the Facility Manager and profitability for the Owner.

AppVision™ is at the heart of Smart Buildings. Our PSIM platform enables management from a single interface of all security, building management and service technologies and applications. Its 3D interface and BIM integration also ensures a complete and accurate visualisation of all continuously changing infrastructure.


Global Security

The main expectation of the occupants of a building is to be safe and protected from physical and IT attacks. AppVision™ actively participates in meeting these expectations by being able to monitor :

  • All types of security systems typically installed in a building: video protection, access control, intrusion, intercom, fire, lift management.
  • IT networks and equipment via SNMP protocol or specific applications.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial for a building. It affects the comfort of the occupant, the work of the operator and the profitability of the Owner.

AppVision™ contributes strongly to the energy efficiency of a building because:

  • It supervises the Building Management Systems and applications: lighting, HVAC, energy production (solar panels, wind turbines)
  • It generates interactions between these systems and security systems to optimise energy expenditure: for example, access control and lighting.
  • It simplifies maintenance with the AppMaintenance™ module and the possibility to integrate CMMS tools.


Increasingly, occupants’ service expectations are rising with their mobility and roaming.

AppVision™ contributes strongly to improve the user experience. This PSIM platform manages service-oriented applications. AppVision™ can supervise room reservation, parking, advanced visitor management, internal and external information display etc.

Main technologies

Video Systems

Intruder detection



Access Control

Network Security

Parking reservation

Room booking

Info Display


Preventive maintenance

Energy management