A new member of the AppVision™ Community

We are pleased to introduce our new integrator partner in Brazil, Fort Knox Segurança.

Fort Knox integrates artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing to make your business safer with more technologies. This is a company specialising in the security of goods, personnel and outsourced services. Fort Knox Segurança relies on asset monitoring, personal security and electronic security services. It includes CCTV, access control, remote image monitoring and alarms, among others.

A word of Fort Knox Vice-President, Marcus Vinícius Leite: “After several case studies, Fort Knox decided to choose Prysm as the best platform provider to develop complex and integrated Electronic Security solutions in Brazil and South America. Fort Knox is able to develop its own integration and functionalities appropriate to the Latin American market with all its diversity. In the last 2 years, we were able to adapt Prysm solutions to the needs of our customers and better serve projects for financial and healthcare institutions, shopping malls, chemical industries, smart cities and smart buildings. And yet there is long road ahead of new develpments thanks to Prysm’s, adaptability and scalling.”

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