AEMI Interview

CleanSuite and MyHyperView: The AppVision™ Success Story in OEM version

Our distributor and development partner AEMI Smart Ingénierie is specialized in energy management, automation and industrial IT. From AppVision™, AEMI has developed two OEM solutions: CleanSuite and MyHyperView.

Prysm Software: Why did you choose AppVision™? In what way do you use AppVision™?

Willy Fauvel: The choice of AppVision™ was determined by the openness of the supervision and the possibility of carrying out customized developments based on CleanSuite and MyHyperView product development strategies. It is important for AEMI to be able to communicate in OEM with our own brands to dissociate itself from the PSIM aspect of AppVision™ and sell it in other markets.

MyHyperView : Supervision for the remote management of MtoM industrial processes, production and maintenance statistics, declination for Smart Building, technical management of buildings and a module for energy statistics.

CleanSuite: Supervision for the management of controlled atmosphere areas (clean rooms) and environmental monitoring of pharmaceutical production areas. CleanView supervision is being adapted to FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) constraints used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agri-food sectors.

Prysm Software: Are there any projects you are particularly proud of where MyHyperView and CleanSuite are deployed?

Willy Fauvel: The development of the CleanSuite solution is particularly interesting because it allows us to access new markets in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field by distinguishing ourselves from other products on the market.

We have already made applications in the hospital sector with the Ormeaux clinic (Le Havre), in the pharmaceutical sector with Ethypharm in Rouen and a project in progress at Sanofi Pasteur. In the cosmetics sector, we have an ongoing BMS project with Clarins.

Prysm Software: do you have any specific development projects in the pipeline? Future new features or modules to be announced?

Willy Fauvel: We have already developed and implemented remote management applications for industrial processes such as agrofuel production lines and purification stations. This required the development of specific drivers for the MtoM EWON and UBIQUITY routers and the integration of the data into the AppVision™ database.

We have already implemented MyHyperView in hosted mode (Cloud) in order to offer a multi-site and multi-user solution for MES and Maintenance statistical monitoring applications.

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