Features and partner drivers highlighted

AppVision™ is an open and convergent platform.

Open. But in what way? Our integrated development environment (IDE) allows customization according to the customer’s needs. If you have development skills, you have the freedom to create your functionalities by scripts and integrate new drivers and thus get a lot of autonomy on your projects.

Convergent? A sibylline term that expresses one simple thing for AppVision™: our platform has the ability to integrate physical security and safety systems, cyber security elements and also third-party applications of the latest technologies: IoT, robotics, GIS, CRM, Big Data… AppVision™ can be connected with any application that has an SDK or an API.

Our technology partners are proof of this and that is why we have dedicated two new pages to their developments:

  • Partner functionalities: you will discover modules such as procedure management and functionalities such as scanner integration.
  • Partner drivers: in addition to our own list of system drivers, our partners’ list is also available.

These pages can be found on our website in Drivers (main menu), then Partners Dev.

We thank our partners Addvals, ConcepT-Tech and Ultravision Consult for sharing their creation.

We hope that many of you will send us the list of your developments to make them known and promote them to all  AppVision™ users.

Choosing AppVision™ means becoming part of a technical community ready to find solutions to your professional challenges.