A Beautiful Stand with 2 Great Partners

This year we built our own stand! 
And we were not on our own.

Vicon showcased Outdoor Network Bullet cameras and a Roughneck V-CELL-HD-B (the upside down triangle). The Roughneck is a high-security camera designed for prisons.

Silent Sentinel had a Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light camera on the stand. The Aeron can see through the dark, fog and smoke. They are ideal for maritime, prisons, borders, harbours, airports, hotels and highways.

In the corner of the booth you can see a Control Room Console from Winsted. And on this Control Room Console, there is the brand new demo of AppVision™ with a 3D plan of our stand!

All of our partners devices were connected to AppVision™ and were monitored through AppVision user interface.